SMG Classroom Series

      Teachers, show these made for classroom webinars to your students on how to get started buying stocks and advancement into Winning With Diversification. 

              SMG Classroom Series: ​​
                   Episodes 1-2-3

              "Beyond The Basics" 

Beyond The Basics  August 2016

Beyond The Basics September 2016

Beyond The Basics Late Sept. 2016

Jim Ford's

SMG March Madness 2017 (2).pdf

SMG Classroom Series E-1 Let's Trade Today.pptx

SMG Classroom Series E-2 Real World Investing with SMG.pptx

SMG Classroom Series E-3 Winning with Diversification.pptx

Mutual Fund & ETF Breakdown Comparison.docx

SMG Fundamental Analysis Chart .docx

SMG Technical Analysis Chart .docx

SMG Fall:Spring Portfolio Builder.docx

SMG Portfolio Builder Year Long .docx

     Teacher Support Center Video

Beyond The Basics NYC Vincent Young & Jim Ford


​​​ Blended Learning Videos

        SIFMA SMG Video Collection

Kris Bertelsen's No Frills Money Skills

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis​

Vincent Young's SMG Grades 4-5


SMG Selected We The Economy Videos: 


SMG Videos:

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