SMG Classroom Series

      Teachers, show these made for classroom webinars to your students on how to get started buying stocks and advancement into Winning With Diversification. 

              SMG Classroom Series: ​​
                   Episodes 1-2-3

              "Beyond The Basics" 

Jim Ford's

SMG Classroom Series E-1 Let's Trade Today.pptx

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SMG Classroom Series E-3 Winning with Diversification.pptx

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                                                           Webinar Topics and Schedule for Winter/Spring 2019
1) SMG Basics (30 min) – Getting Started, Teacher Support Center, & student portfolios 
2) Basic Company Research (30 min) - using Yahoo and Nasdaq, basic terminology and company headlines will be reviewed 
3) Weekly Portfolio Analysis (30 min) – team analysis of major indexes and portfolio holdings
4) Winning with Diversification (30 min) – strategies for building a diversified portfolio with stocks, bonds, ETF’s and mutual funds.
5) Let’s Trade Today! (30 min) - A quick overview of the SMG portfolio and how to get Stock Market Game students trading in their portfolio.
6) InvestWrite SMG Writing Project Webinars:
a. How to InvestWrite (50 min)
b. InvestWrite: Easy to Submit (30 min)
7) What is Sustainability (1hr) – the session will discuss its history and the differences between ESG Investing, Socially Responsible Investing and Impact Investing.
*All Eastern Standard Time

Date     Time                             Title                                                                            Registration Link
3/4         3:30pm       How to InvestWrite                     
3/4         6:00pm         Let’s Trade Today                      
3/6         4:00pm     Weekly Portfolio Analysis            
3/7         4:00pm        How to InvestWrite                    
3/7         5:30pm             SMG Basics                            
3/11       6:00pm          Let’s Trade Today                    
3/12       6:00pm      Basic Company Research          
3/13       4:00pm     Winning with Diversification      
3/14       7:30am          How to InvestWrite                 
3/14       5:30pm            SMG Basics                             
3/18       6:00pm        Let’s Trade Today                      
3/18     10:00pm     InvestWrite: Easy to Submit       
3/19       6:00pm      Basic Company Research          
3/20       6:00pm     InvestWrite: Easy to Submit       
3/21       5:30pm            SMG Basics                             
3/25       9:00pm    InvestWrite: Easy to Submit         
3/27       7:00am    InvestWrite: Easy to Submit         
3/28       5:30pm    InvestWrite: Easy to Submit         
4/1         6:00pm        Let’s Trade Today                      
4/2         6:00pm     Basic Company Research           
4/4         5:30pm             SMG Basics                             
4/8         4:00pm      Weekly Portfolio Analysis          
4/8         6:00pm        Let’s Trade Today                      
4/9         4:00pm    Winning with Diversification      
4/9         6:00pm      Basic Company Research          
4/11       5:30pm           SMG Basics                             
4/15       6:00pm        Let’s Trade Today                     
4/16       6:00pm    Basic Company Research            
4/22       4:30pm       What is Sustainability               
4/22       6:00pm        Let’s Trade Today                     
4/23       6:00pm    Basic Company Research           

​​​​ Blended Learning Videos

            SIFMA SMG Video Collection

Kris Bertelsen's No Frills Money Skills

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis​

SMG Selected We The Economy Videos: 


Need a high tech Blended Learning 

and Assessment pathway for your 

school that will take students above 

and beyond with The Stock Market Game Programs? 


​                PORTFOLIOS 4 ME

                  EDVILLAGE 4 ME


                  TEACHER NOTES
                      MY BADGES

The SMG Fast Track Learning Episodes​​

Level One: Just Getting Started? Check out Episodes 1-4 That will guide Teachers and Students from Registration, Classroom Management, Startup Lessons and the Rules of The Stock Market Game. 

           Episode #1  SMG Registration As Easy As 1-2-3

            Episode #2   Start Here Teacher Support Center

   Episode #3  Target Lessons Before , During & After SMG
                       Episode #4  SMG Know The Rules
Level Two: Ready to start Research & Trading? Teachers & Students learn the basics of Fundamental & Technical Stock Analysis, understanding the Team Portfolio and how to execute your first Trades. 

              Episode #5 Student Introduction to Research

Episode #6 Team Portfolio Pages Navigation & Understanding 
                              Episode #7 Let's Trade Today! 
Level Three: Ready to go above & beyond!  Teachers & Students will Win with Diversification, Weekly Team and Market analysis and participate in the InvestWrite Essay Competition, Invest It Forward and The Capitol Hill Challenge.

                    Episode #8 Winning With Diversification
               Episode #9 Rankings & Weekly  Team Analysis
   Episode #10 Connections to InvestWrite, Invest It Forward 
​                                   & Capitol Hill Challenge 

                              The Fast Track Album Collection! 

         The SMG Fast Track Triathlon

Ready to swim, bike or run your way to success in The Stock Market Game? Check out each SMG level of advancing your learning! 

              Fast Track Learning Triathlon Level One .pdf


                             SMG Teachers Guide! .pdf

                            SMG As Easy As 1-2-3.docx

                       Do You Know The Rules Quiz .pdf

                                   SMG Pre-Test .pdf

                               What is a Company.pdf

        SMG Student:Team Investment Profile Activity .docx

                             Crowing About College.pdf

                           SMG Team Building Skills .pdf

                            SMG Participation Rubric.pdf

                    Identify Ticker Symbols & Quotes.pdf

                     SMG Volatility The Ups & Downs.pdf

                             Understanding SMG .pdf

                                 A Squirrel's Tale .pdf

                       Before You Invest Post Test .pdf

                Fast Track Learning Triathlon Level Two.pdf


Introduce Students to Fundamental and Technical Research (2).docx

                      Jim Ford's SMG March Madness 2018.pdf

                          Chris Anderson's Face Off .docx

                Chris Anderson's Stock Bowl Challenge .docx

                    What Goes Around Business Cycles.pdf

                                      What is Risk- .pdf


                                         PE Ratio .pdf

          SMG Fast Track Learning Triathlon Level Three.pdf


           Mutual Fund & ETF Breakdown Comparison.docx

                               SMG Fall Finish line .docx

            Find mutual funds and bonds in the TSC (1).docx

              Winning with Diversification Spring 2018.pptx